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I would like to give Mr. Todd Steele my absolute and highest recommendation for the following three reasons:


First and foremost, Mr. Steele fought hard and achieved the best possible outcome for my case. Obviously, this is the most fundamental and important criteria for hiring an attorney, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome that Mr. Steele attained for me.


Secondly, Mr. Steele is a straight shooter with integrity and great character. While some attorneys may only outline a “best-case outcome scenario” to a prospective client in order to get hired, Mr. Steele detailed the worst possible outcome to me and only promised that he would fight very hard on my behalf and strive for the best possible outcome (which, of course, is the only thing that he could earnestly guarantee). Moreover and throughout the entire process, Mr. Steele exhibited great communication skills in taking the time to keep me updated, thoroughly answering all of my questions, and thoughtfully considering all of my input.


Lastly, Mr. Steele is highly competent, very experienced, and well-respected with a great reputation. In addition to being an outstanding problem solver and well-versed in the law, it’s imperative for a top-tier defense attorney to command respect in the courtroom. Based on my own observations, Mr. Steele most certainly does.



If you’re seeking legal counsel or representation, you should absolutely contact Mr. Todd Steele.


With sincerest gratitude,

Extremely Satisfied Client


I highly recommend Todd Steele as an attorney, he is the best attorney I've ever met and very good at what he does, and intelligent and caring for his clients, I had no hope with my felony and he got it dismissed , I am very thankful for him, I greatly appreciate everything he's done for me.


Alana Bynog
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Dear Mr. Steele,
We can never thank you enough for all the help you gave us with my daughters case. We had lost faith in attorneys until we met you. It was such a blessing to find someone who actually cared about us and did everything possible to help us. Without your help I don't know where we'd be. It is such a relief to know that there are such good people in the world as you. We will always be grateful for you. God Bless you
Aimee Bynog

Stop. If you ever find yourself in need of legal representation in Brown county Todd Steele is the attorney you need. He helped me when my back was against the wall and fought tooth and nail to prove the law was on our side. I have no doubt that if I went with any other lawyer I would be in Brown county jail right now or at least on probation for the next 5 years. Not only is Todd Steele a great lawyer he is an outstanding member of the community, that is only trying to balance the social inequalities of the legal system.  

Martin Nofziger

Dear Todd:

I would like to thank and commend you and your firm for your expertise and prefessionalism during our recent issues.  Having you and your team on our side made the process less stressful and I was able to focus on more important issues both personally and professionally.  Even though the proof of theft that occurred in my company was substantial; certain issues arose that if left in less capable hands might have resulted in a negative outcome.  Due to your diligence and responsiveness justice appeared to be served.


I also wish to recognize your method of business in regards to real estate matters.  You ensure your business is taken care of in a timely and productive manner that gives me confidence in regards to my personal affairs.


Without a doubt you are the most versatile and experienced attorney that I have encountered.  Your legal skills are unmatched and I take great pride and would recommend you and your firm to anyone that is seeking legal counsel.


I look forward to working with you again in the future.



Curt Tunnell

Tunnell Construction &  Roofing

If ever in need of an attorney, whether for divorce or criminal proceedings, one definitely wants the best in the field.  Unfortunately, I had both experiences that required hiring one.  I wanted an attorney who is knowledgeable, reputable, willing to stand up for the client, empathetic, and, most importantly, one that is not easily intimidated.  You will find all the above mentioned characteristics in Todd Steele.  Mr. Steele is very knowledgeable in the law and will give you all the options he feels he can do for you.  Additionally, he has a solid rapport with the attorneys as well as the District Attorney in our little town. 

During my divorce, Mr. Steele would not accept my plea for "just a divorce".  His knowledge about divorces and the guidance he gave me, made me realize I hired the perfect attorney who had my best interest at heart.  He spent many hours with the opposing attorney battling to get what he felt was lawfully mine.  Thankfully, Mr. Steele prevailed and I received what was due to me.

Shortly after my divorce, I was targeted, stopped and arrested on DWI charges.  With my indeciveness of hiring an attorney, I contacted Mr. Steele seeking advice.  Once again, his knowledge and guidance proved to be the best decision I made by contacting him.  His empathy spoke volumes to me.  Mr. Steele contacted local law enforcement and received my arrest record as well as the video.  After examining both, his advice to me was to dispute the DWI because of several elements before, during, and after the arrest.  Again, the knowledge he provided was eye-opening to me.  What I thought was black and white; actually contained gray areas in which Mr. Steele brought to my attention.  Upon his advice, we disputed the DWI.  As it turns out, his advice was impeccable because my case was dismissed. 

I highly recommend Todd Steele if ever in need of an attorney.  He is the best in his field and has your interest foremost in his mind.  If you need more reasons to hire Mr. Steele, take a look at his past cases.  They will speak for themselves.

Respectfully Submitted,

If you ever require a lawyer get the best one you can find.

After a wrongful arrest and charge by local law enforcement we decided to stand up to the system. This is the kind of thing that requires courage and stamina because the system cares not about individual welfare as was evidenced in our case by a year and a half of hounding telephone calls by bail bonds, multiple time wasting docket call appearances, and court delays: all, resulting in stress, embarrassment, loss of opportunities, and eventually the loss of my job. Such events affect our families deeply.

In my case finding the right lawyer was a God send. I started sleeping again at night and when we eventually got our day in court we prevailed.

Let me tell you why it is so important to employ a lawyer like Todd Steele. When you finally get to court you will be emotionally and otherwise exhausted from many months of stress and in that court you will find that the system is every bit as ignorant, biased, and bullying as the police officer(s) who arrested you. You will be shocked by the pejorative statements made by police officers called as witnesses. You will be shocked at the distortions and outright falsehoods presented by the prosecution. I for one was enraged. You will need some calm strength and wisdom standing beside you: someone who has that intimidating system completely figured out.
When our ordeal was finally over my family and a good friend marveled at the brilliant performance of our lawyer. How did you find him they asked? Anyone can interview a few lawyers I said. Most importantly don’t allow yourself to be impressed by fancy offices or fast talkers and such. But, do ask this question: “Why did you decide to become a lawyer?” Then listen carefully because the answer to that question will show you where their heart is and you are looking for the most important characteristic of all: empathy. Additionally, the quiet slow talkers are the ones with the real courage and the real talent.

Do take the time to read Mr. Steele’s Past Case Results because they show that seemingly impossible cases can be greatly mitigated and often won. This was certainly our family’s experience. We were found not guilty!

W.S. - New Braunfels, Texas

A few years back Todd handled an adoption for my niece and her husband. He really cares about children and families. We recommend him highly for any legal need you might have!! On top of all that he is an awesome person, husband , father, grandfather and son!!  MD

He is a great man. What's best for the children. I have used him few times and Todd really cares about each case.  RS

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